Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Ok, since the question has come up, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
We are Padma Gonpo, Inc. – a private intelligence corporation that has been training authors, writers and media personnel for over 30 years. Our business specialty is economic warfare – new industry creation.

For those of you struggling to get you mind around that – we create all of the mental and psychological foundation that launch a new industry. Examples are LEED, Organic Foods, Nano Technology and many others that you may use on a daily basis.
My post above on the #DearAuthor is not some angry – raving lunatic bent on destroying nice people’s dreams – quite the opposite. We operate a number of publishing organizations worldwide that serve as our industry operations outlets – real authors writing about real solutions to help real people.

We also carry a nice inventory of fiction titles that help people dream about solutions. All of our publications are designed to be “cover-to-cover reads”. This has taken time to develop because we spend a lot of time working with writers and new authors to help them release the best within them and then we work with them to develop it.

That part of our publishing piece can be considered “writer development training” and we offer a huge amount of training under the program that we have. It’s not just a “nice manuscript, thank you” deal.

Another area where we differ is that each book project has its own unique marketing plan. Every book is positioned in the markets that it serves – both traditional outlets and non-traditional or other “new outlet” channels.

I’ve heard the argument about “Editors being the soul of a publisher”. Literary Scholars grab your heart – I think that is egotistical crap. It is true only if you do not invest the time to help your authors release their best work first. I am not saying this without having 3 decades of proof behind us. Editing as a function is important – just like proofreading and print quality.

The author is the most critical factor in a good book. The publisher’s ability to target the book’s marketing is what determines the best publisher.
We do not believe that the publisher should foot the whole bill, not take the lion’s share of the profit. We don’t and there are other publishers that don’t either. People that are being trained to do exceptional things should have an investment in that learning. People that want the best marketing should share in the cost of the positioning of the product in that market. It’s a thing called business and that is a concept missing in most of the publishing industry.

If that rubs you wrong, consider this: Publishing has one of the highest occurrences of scams in any industry in the USA, UK and Europe. It is amazing to see how many people set out to steal money from writers and readers alike. That has given us as an industry a bad reputation – one that the arrogant want to perpetuate and assign to anyone trying to bring a good value-to-value offering to the authors and readership.

Behind this arrogance is the fear that they invested all that money for a degree and were conned themselves by their schools. No one owns words. Deal with it.
That isn’t saying that education is a waste of money – quite the contrary. Egotistical protectionism and arrogance is a waste of time and money. Giving good value for value received is a good rule in all life because it is a sustainable condition. No one loses so everyone can continue sharing.

Now back to industry building. Our parent corporation trains private intelligence operatives for world-wide service and also offers intelligence services to companies and individuals who have a technology, product or service that truly solves a real world problem. We engage in belief system modification, persuasion campaigns, and all manner of PSYOP to birth these new industries.

Our new industries employ millions and touch the lives of over 2/3 of the planetary population. To accomplish this requires advanced writing skills – things not taught in schools.

We have began to offer this formally elite writing package to the writers at large in an effort to end the Stockholm Syndrome that is so common in the industry now. Publishers and their editors guilt authors into accepting rude and unprofessional behavior and brutal forms of rejection into thinking it is the writer’s fault. That must end.

If you don’t mind giving a little value to get a lot of value, then our program is for you. If you think that you are entitled to pennies on a copy of your book and like being treated horribly with no control over your book’s marketing or its ownership – then there are plenty of existing publishers out there for you.
If you want professional results and a means to release your best work – then you should consider us. We take the time to help you grow as you write. If you feel that writing is a solitary task filled with personal hardship – that’s what makes it “REAL WRITING” then you definitely don’t want to work with us.

This is a long post – I apologize for that – but we started getting asked, “Just who the hell do you think you are to talk to/about us like that?” so we believed that you should get a good answer.

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