Friday, August 6, 2010

Secret to Becoming a Successful Book Author

We sponsor events for writers and would-be authors every year. At these events, we come into direct contact with aspiring writers, people with finished or partially finished manuscripts and those who have either self-published or been victimized – um, “traditionally published” – themselves.

Each group has its own story. The aspiring writers are excited, creative and motivated. The self-published all tell horror stories about high costs, low sales and the constant pressure to market their books. The traditionally published authors just harp about how their publisher will someday come through and they will be wealthy and famous. They are hopeful because they were told that “Traditional publishers are the ONLY REAL PUBLISHERS”. That is a self-agrandizing lie. Book buyers don’t know the difference between a self-published book and a New York Times Best Seller. They only know if the book serves their needs or not. To them, if it looks like a book – it’s a book.

Don’t get me wrong here, quality is very important. The self-published books tend to be lower quality because they were not edited and no one worked with the author to deliver the best read possible. As a result, many of the self-published works out there are amateur or very little more than an ego gratification to the author. Those books don’t sell, no matter how much marketing you put into them.

Those with manuscripts started are normally struggling with writer’s block and a host of other maladies that infect any long-term project. We have met writers that have been working on their manuscript for as much as 30 years and still have nothing completed.

Contrast that with the fact that one of our writing program participants can have 3 books published in a year and those books are cover-to-cover reads! If those manuscript owners had met us at the beginning of their “writing career” they would be well known published authors in their markets by now. It really is a shame what the industry has done to our writers.

A new coalition has formed between several publishers that is out to address this horrible crime against creativity and dreams. We are focusing on training new and Young Writers in the craft of writing the highest quality books on the market – books that readers can’t put down.

This is accomplished through online and offline training over a 12 month period where the writer learns about the reader’s psychology, how to tell captivating stories, write for fiction & non-fiction categories and they are given a huge supply of advanced writing tools that make the writing majors drool like starving dogs. These are things that writing schools and colleges don’t have to give their students.

That’s right, the best writers are not found in colleges – they are found writing and working with their publishers on becoming the best they can be.

If you have any questions or interest in this program, please contact the author.

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